Eye Candy – Organic Vegan Black Bean Brownies


These are my most requested treat. This photo was from the first time I made them, it was for cooking school. #Rouxbe The assignment was to create a dish using beans that was out of the norm…something other than beans and rice.


Our Treats for My Halloween Birthday

I finally had a chance to get the pictures off our memory card and sized today from my (Kim) birthday this past Halloween. This is the first year since Sean & I opened our store in 2008 that we were able to take the whole day off…with huge thanks to our friend Diondra for helping everything run smoothly at our store while we were gone. Needless to say it gave me time in the kitchen to take photos of all the goodies we ate that day.

We started off the day with organic pumpkin oatmeal. Trader Joe’s organic quick oats, organic pumpkin, organic pumpkin spice and organic stevia. I like adding a couple of tablespoons of ground flax for each of our bowls of oat meal for the omega 3’s.


Here’s the process…


Cook up the oats. Add in the pumpkin puree and a little ground vanilla bean, stevia and/or english toffee flavored stevia drops and pumpkin spice.


To insure we both get our omega 3’s, I like to add the 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds to each of our bowls then mix it in as I put in the oatmeal.


and to top it off…


Some Ojio organic dried mulberries.

Then for lunch we had organic black bean burritos with orange bell peppers, salsa and romaine.


Chopped organic orange bell pepper.


Bearitos Fat Free Black refried beans. It was my birthday, so canned was quicker and easier than making from scratch.


I added some Spice Hunter’s organic Mexican Seasoning to the beans to punch up the flavors.


My favorite tortillas!


Time to heat up the beans with peppers in the tortillas.


Chopping and cleaning the romaine…


all clean and spun dry.


Salsa time!


Lettuce and salsa added to the burrito.


Ready to eat and it was delicious!!!

A snack before the movie…


Organic strawberry sorbet. Made with Trader Joe’s Organic frozen strawberries, Medicine Flower organic real food extract (strawberry to enhance the flavor) Now Foods organic stevia (for sugar-free sweetness) and Ojio Organic dried mulberries for the topping. I blended the frozen strawberries with a little bit of purified water and the drops and stevia to create the sorbet.

The movie we saw was The Book Of Life.


Unfortunately Sean & I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as we hoped. It didn’t help that the traffic here in Vegas was horrible on the way to the theater, but we missed our little Maltese puppy Kailani (grandma A.J. got to babysit) so much that we couldn’t wait for the movie to end.


Here’s a picture of me with Kailani this year on her first Halloween. She’s our little vegan pup! I’ll post more about her diet in an upcoming post.

Our dinner ORGANIC VEGAN PIZZA!!! Yay!!!!


We were too hungry to get pictures of the process, but I promise I will in the future. It’s made with oil-free Muir Glen Organic Portabella Mushroom marinara sauce Muir Glen Portabella  and fresh organic baby bella mushrooms, red, yellow & orange bell peppers and sweet onions (all organic). We we’re too pressed for time, so we bought An organic vegan whole wheat pizza crust from Whole Foods. Not the best, but is handy in a pinch.

If that wasn’t enough food for the day…we had to make “nice” cream for dessert!


Organic Fig Nice Cream. This is one of my all-time favorites. I created this recipe earlier this year when Trader Joe’s came out with packages of organic frozen figs!


It is so creamy…you feel like you’re eating ice cream.

It’s so easy to make, too. The frozen figs with enough water to make them blend, a little organic stevia to enhance the sweetness and some ground vanilla bean. That’s it! I blended it in our Vita-Mix, but you could make it in a food processor, too.

Surprisingly we felt good even after all treat foods we had. Being all organic, low-sugar, low-fat, no-oil and vegan of course 😀 sure made a difference.

Hope this inspires your idea of special occasion foods.

Aloha Vegans!

I’m Kim Smith, a long time vegan (since 1991). I’ve Impersonated Marilyn Monroe since 1985. My husband Sean & I have been organic vegan chefs cooked and raw for several years. This blog is to share some of our creations and just how we live as organic vegans!